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Everything has gone digital in this developed world. Along with all this, education is also moving towards the digital realm. Amid the coronavirus (pandemic) Lockdown, education has become more digital. There are different forms of online education such as online coaching and online tutoring but Today we bring you a unique form of online education: Educational Podcasts.

Nowadays, Podcasts have become very popular, where people sit and talk and discuss different topics. Due to our work, employment, academic courses, and family responsibilities, we often do not have the opportunity to study properly. If you work on a laptop or digital screen, it’s helpful to be able to get your education through that same medium.

I know that a educational Podcast never replaces and fulfills the Teachings of a teacher and Performs its duties like a school and university but it will give some knowledge that you miss in this running word.
Teachers, academics, and activists participate in educational radio Podcasts and discuss various topics. This makes podcasts very useful for listeners and makes them knowledgeable in various topics.

That’s why we bring you Top 10 best educational podcasts that all students and podcast listeners should listen to.

1. In Our Time (Genre: educational podcast)

“In Our Time” is a radio series and podcast produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is an excellent educational podcast that covers a very wide range of topics such as historical, philosophical, religious, cultural, and scientific debates.
The program began on BBC Radio 4 on 15 October 1998 and completed its 1,000th episode in September 2023 hence it makes this one of the oldest educational Podcasts in the World.

It is hosted by Melvin Bragg, who is not only a television host and Interviewer but also a leader and author. The show airs live every Thursday at 9 A.M. with its three guests and lasts 42 minutes. It is then published online.

Until 2014, this program was broadcast on the Internet and presented as a educational Podcast, and to date, it’s completed more than 1000 episodes and more coming.
You can listen to this program on platforms like Spotify and Apple iTunes. Some of the programs are collected in a book titled “In Our Time: A Companion to the Radio 4 Series”.

2. This Podcast Will Kill You (Genre: Medical, Educational Podcast)

“This educational Podcast Will Kill You” Haha… it’s a crazy name, yet the Content of this Podcast will keep you from contracting different illnesses. Yes, You heard right.
This Podcast teaches you about various infectious diseases. The show is hosted by two talented ladies, Erin Welch and Erin Allman Updike. Both Erin holds a Ph.D. in Disease ecology and epidemiologist. The first episode of this podcast aired on October 13, 2017, and has since produced 135 episodes over six seasons.6

You can listen to this Bi-weekly on Tuesdays on their website or you can listen to Apple iTunes.
Each episode Introduces a New Disease and lasts about an hour the hosts first introduce the disease through anecdotes and then mix a cocktail related to that disease and they call it “Quarantinis”. You can find different types of Quarantinis and their recipes on their website.

The show, with a touch of humor, tells you about various diseases and provides information about the history of the disease and its current impact on society. I would say you should listen to this show; It will tell you about many serious diseases and help you take necessary precautions.

3. Ologies (Genre: Science, Educational Podcast)

“Ologies” is an American comedy science educational podcast from Apple Podcasts. In this show, experts in a particular field are invited and the host asks them questions about that field.
Basically, “Ologist” included a variety of specialists considered experts in various fields, to whom prefixes were added based on their expertise, such as biologists, oceanologists, and ecologists.

The show is hosted by Alie Ward, which is why it is also known as “Ologies with Alie Ward.” Podcast host Alie Ward is also a writer and actress. When you listen to this show, you will find that it is a very funny show that enlightens us on various interesting topics with humor. In this program, guests explain complex topics in simple and easy language.

The first episode of this podcast aired in 2017 and since then it has produced over 375 episodes.
In July 2021, Ward began releasing a short version of this podcast, named “Smologies”, lasting 20 minutes, suitable for all age groups.

You can listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and Spotify. It is a very popular show that has won many awards and is recognized as one of the best podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

4. Everything Everywhere (Genre: Science, Educational Podcast)

“Everything Everywhere” is one of the top 250 educational podcasts in the world. It is an American educational podcast that informs people about new things every day in a very short time.
The show’s host is Gary Arndt, who in addition to hosting the show is also a travel blogger, writer, photographer, and entrepreneur. Gary Arndt has traveled the world and shares new and insightful experiences in this podcast which are very fun and interesting.

The special thing about this program is that you will learn something new every day and the podcasts also cover topics such as history, science, mathematics, anthropology, archaeology, geography, and different cultures of different countries. In this podcast, Gary Arndt also shares interesting stories from many countries based on his really interesting travel experiences.

This podcast is 10 minutes long, so if you are not in the mood to listen to something long, this podcast is best for you. In a short period, it provides a wealth of knowledge. The first episode was released on July 1, 2020, and more than 1400 episodes have been released so far. The podcast downloads exceeded Ten lakhs downloads per month.

This Podcast is available on Apple iTunes and Spotify. I think you should listen to this podcast if you are not a lengthy listener.

5. No such Thing as a Fish (Genre: Comedy, Educational Podcast)

“No Such Thing as a Fish” is an English-language podcast presented by BBC QI Games.
The story behind the name of this podcast is that biologist Stephen Jay Gould, in his lifelong research, discovered that there are no fish on Earth. He provided evidence for his statement, which inspired the name of this podcast. The podcast features four hosts known as the QI Elves, who are occasionally joined by other guests.

In this podcast, the Presenter discusses new information discovered over the past seven days and other hosts add additional information related to that fact and connect them to understand.

The show was launched by QI on 8 March 2014. This educational podcast held the record for the most downloaded podcast on Apple Podcasts for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018. It highlights facts in an interesting way that many people don’t know. The show premieres every Friday and has produced more than 500 episodes to date.

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6. Philosophize This! (Genre: Educational Podcast)

We can often think philosophy is a complex topic and assume that it says something that can be understood only by Scholars and Poets. However, this educational podcast will present philosophy in a way that you can easily enjoy and fall in love it.

Educational Podcast

“Philosophize This!” It is An American educational podcast hosted by Stephen West. This show takes complex philosophical concepts and explains them in such a simple and accessible way that even if you are a teenage student, you will be able to understand them. Along with host Stephen West, there is also a philosopher on this podcast who expresses their thoughts. The show talks about the events in our daily lives or events that happen in society with simple words.

This educational podcast was first released on June 6, 2013, and until now, it has released more than 190 episodes. The show is about half an hour long, and you can listen to it on their website, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.
You should listen to this show because philosophy is very essential for your life, helping you understand your emotions and thoughts.

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7. Blowback (Genre: Political, Educational Podcast)

This is an American political educational podcast that takes a left-wing viewpoint. If you want to know something about the United States, its history, its foreign policies, and America’s war with other countries, this podcast is for you. In this podcast, ground-level facts about all of America’s wars are told, about all of the United States’ wars that people often don’t know or have forgotten. In this podcast, ground-level facts about all of America’s wars are told, which people often do not know, or people have forgotten those things.

The hosts of this podcast are Brandon James and Noah Kulvi. This podcast talks about the Iraq War, the Cuban Revolution, and the Korean War from a leftist perspective, sharing the facts on the ground and some things you probably won’t hear in the mainstream media, and those things might have been hidden due to defamation or some other reasons.

This educational podcast was first released on March 16, 2020, and until now a total of 4 seasons have been released to date, with each season containing a total of 10 episodes.
You should listen to this podcast because it not only tells you about America’s wars and foreign policy but also the impact of these things on America. This podcast is available on their official website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeart.

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8. Science Vs. (Genre: Science, Educational Podcast )

If you are confused and worried about any event or natural phenomenon that happened in your surroundings and want its scientific proof or want to connect it with science, then this show will definitely fulfill your wish.
This podcast was started in 2015 by Wendy Zuckerman, an Australian broadcaster who is also a journalist and host of this show.

In this podcast, all these things have been scientifically researched and those things have been highlighted about which people have a lot of misconceptions. They have their fact-checking team that compares all these myths and misinformation with scientific facts, they talk to experts in that scientific field and expose the truth to the people.
A shorter version of this educational podcast has also been released, called “Shots of Science Versus”, which you can listen to if you want to learn a little about science during your day.

The show was first launched by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 2015 by Gimlet Media, and with a total of 10 seasons, over 320 episodes have been released, each lasting approximately 35 to 50 minutes. It is one of the best Educational Podcast on Spotify and you can also listen this podcast on Apple Podcast.

9. Noble Blood (Genre: History, Educational Podcast)

Noble Blood is a historical educational podcast. You have often seen in movies that someone is killed by a king or someone kills a king to usurp the throne, and the way things are sometimes exaggerated or altered in movies, you don’t get to know the reality, and history is presented in the wrong way.

So, you should definitely listen to the Noble Blood podcast, where host Dana Schwartz tells about a king in each episode who was killed. Dana Schwartz is a wonderful storyteller who tells the story of how there was a king, then there were conspiracies against him, and in the end, how and by whom his murder or execution took place. She talks about the palaces of kings, their wives, and their kingdoms.

This is a great show which will increase your historical knowledge a lot, and you will never get bored listening to it.
Starting to release in July 2019, this educational podcast comes out once every two weeks on Tuesdays, and more than 180 episodes have been released, with each episode being 30-35 minutes long. You can listen to this show on the official website of Grim & Mild, Apple TV, and Spotify.

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10. 99% Invisible (Genre: Design, Educational Podcast)

If ever you see something, architecture, or a design and wonder why it was made like that, this American podcast is for you, which will tell you about the design of all those things and the construction in detail, which you may have overlooked. From the strange design of a small object in your house to the great buildings, structures and cities of the world, this educational podcast will tell you about them in detail.

Hosted by Roman Mars, the show started in San Francisco in 2010 and has released over 560 episodes to date.
This educational podcast is interesting because often we see something and do not think about why the design of that thing is made like that, so this show will tell you the complete story behind that design, which you may not be aware of.
You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes and Spotify.

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Hosted by Roman Mars, the show started in San Francisco in 2010 and has released over 560 episodes to date.
This podcast is interesting because often we see something and do not think about why the design of that thing is made like that, so this show will tell you the complete story behind that design, which you may not be aware of.
You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes and Spotify.

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