Madysen Vue with long brown hair wearing her German pickelhaube hat is standing next to Whatever Podcast doll with blue hair. Madysen Vue Whatever Podcast Hat Girl Whatever Podcast Guest

Today, we meet you with the HELMET girl Madysen Vue from the Whatever Podcast.
Some people also know her by the name “Maddy,” but this girl’s real and correct name is “Madysen Vue” and she is a friend of Brian Atlas.

You may have seen her sitting quietly in the background wearing a Helmet and making funny faces, and this happens because sometimes when the guests invited to the podcast don’t show up, Brian calls her a backup guest.

Madysen sits there, answers some questions, and helps Brian. Madysen Vue is working on the Whatever Podcast as a Talent Coordinator and Production Assistant.
Madysen was born in the United States and is currently 19 years old, still a college-going student.

Madysen Vue works predominantly behind the scenes on the Whatever Podcast and steps in as a special guest when any guest ditches. Occasionally, when Brian feels the pressure, Madysen also takes on the role of a co-host.

Madysen Vue .
Madysen Vue Source: Instagram

Known as the “Helmet Girl” on the Whatever Podcast, Madysen Vue was once humorously introduced by Brian Atlas as the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, wearing an Imperial German helmet named “Pickelhaube” from World War I.

Education :

  • High School: Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) San Diego, California, United States (Pass out in 2022)
  • Currently Education: Santa Barbara City College : Studying Business and Accounting.

Family Background:

  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Deceased
Madysen Vue with his sister..
Madysen Vue with her sister. Source: Instagram

Madysen Vue is a College going student and works in a bar as a part-time Host. Madysen Vue and her Boyfriend both are the Friend of Brian Atlas -Host of The Whatever Podcast.


  • Studying Accounting and Business
  • Co-Host Whatever Podcast
  • Host in a Bar

All Details:

  • Birth Date: 31 May 2005
  • Early Education: SRHS, San Diego
  • Relationship: Has a Boyfriend
  • Current City: Santa Barbara, California
  • Ethnicity: Half Asian Half White
  • Age: 19 Years
  • Father: American
  • Mother: Asian (Thailand) According to some people Her Mother is Hmong (Hmong are indigenous Tribes from South Asia)

Madysen Vue Whatever podcast – Social Media

Instagram: @madysenvue
She has 13.8k Followers on Instagram.

Frankie Dutra.
Frankie Dutra Source: Instagram
Madysen Vue with her Boyfriend Frankie Dutra
Madysen Vue with her Boyfriend Frankie Dutra Source: Instagram

Boyfriend Name: Frankie Dutra
Madysen Vue is currently in a relationship with businessman and Entrepreneur Frankie Dutra, as indicated by a recent social media post. Their shared Instagram pictures portray them as an incredibly attractive couple.

Instagram : @frankiedutra

In one of Frankie’s posts, he endearingly refers to their followers as “My Cute Little Flower,” showcasing the delightful dynamics of their relationship. Madison also liked the post, demonstrating her support and affection for Frankie, revealing her admiration.

The couple has shared an image on Instagram kissing each other. Madison’s response in the comments, “I Love You,” serves as additional proof of the strength of their Relationship. Their public displays of affection (P.D.A.) reflect their genuine happiness together.
Madysen and Frankie’s shared images provide a glimpse into their love story, saying that they are blissful and affectionate couple.

In a Podcast Show at “Whatever Podcast” with American Gladiorts Dan “Nitro” Clark and Lori “Ice” Fetrick she said that “she has 8 Body Count”.
This means she has a sexual relationship with 8 boys and this statement she tells when she is only 18 years old. People were shocked by her answer and Madysen faced criticism on social media over this.

Madysen Vue Reveals Her BODY COUNT In Whatever Podcast.

Question : Whatever podcast Asian girl name?
Answer: Her name is Madysen, not Madison. She is a friend of Brian Altas.

Question : What is the age of Madison from whatever podcast?
Answer: Madison is a content creator working in America. YouTube channel name: whatever. She is 19 years old.

Question : Is Madison active on social media?
Answer: She is totally active on social media, but she has an Instagram account. @madysenvue

Question : Is Madison married?
Answer: No, she is not married, but as per social media information, she was dating an American entrepreneur, Frankie Dutra .

Question: Is Dan “Nitro” Clark is Madysen Vue’s Father ?
Answer: No, He is not her father, nor Lori “Ice” is her Mother.


  1. Has she ever spoken about why she wears a WWI German Helmet?
    I think it is oddly bizarre she wears this type of a hat on the show.
    I am not sure why anyone American, German, or otherwise would wear a helmet like this unless they are a reenactor or supporting WWI German Ideals.

    The other reason could be because it is controversial and gets views, likes, and much of this generation grew up with the song lyrics “I’m a rebel just for kicks now” ( ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal. The Man).
    Very sad

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    “Pass out” of high school sounds like she went unconscious and was medically removed from school. Did she ‘graduate?’

  3. Madysen, stay based! I love the pickelhaube, btw, extra based points for that. My own personal headgear for base points is a Russian ushanka with an imperial double Eagle, just to throw chaos into any meeting.

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    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using
    on your blog?

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