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Madysen Vue with long brown hair wearing her German pickelhaube hat is standing next to Whatever Podcast doll with blue hair. Madysen Vue Whatever Podcast Hat Girl Whatever Podcast Guest


Today, we meet you with the HELMET girl from the Whatever Podcast.
Some people also know her by the name “Maddy,” but this girl’s real and correct name is “Madysen Vue” and she is a friend of Brian Atlas.

You may have seen her sitting quietly in the background wearing a Helmet and making funny faces, and this happens because sometimes when the guests invited to the podcast don’t show up, Brian calls her a backup guest.

Madysen sits there, answers some questions, and helps Brian. Madysen Vue is working on the Whatever Podcast as a Talent Coordinator and Production Assistant.

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Top 10Educational Podcast

Top 10 Best educational podcasts

Everything has gone digital in this developed world. Along with all this, education is also moving towards the digital realm. Amid the coronavirus (pandemic) Lockdown, education has become more digital. There are different forms of online education such as online coaching and online tutoring but Today we bring you a unique form of online education: Educational Podcasts.

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Ali C. Lopez

Whatever podcast Fat Girl Ali C. Lopez Got 200k Followers over Night

On April 25, Ali C. Lopez, a well-known blogger with more than 200,000 TikTok followers, was featured as a guest on the Whatever Podcast alongside a group of Gen-Z women to talk about hot-button issues including relationships and dating. During the show, she gave off an obese vibe that did not sit well with several Twitter users. She was dubbed “Gorlock the Destroyer”

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