Rise and fall of monosphere podcasts

fresh and fit demonatised

One of the most popular Redpill podcasts of the 21st century “Fresh and Fit” host Myron Gaines is almost about crying on live stream after that announced “Fresh and Fit” podcast no longer earn money from YouTube Adsen money because we have terminated YouTube policy program”

Fresh and Fit currently on YouTube has 5 different channels and almost 4 million subscribers including all channel. Myron Gains  is co-host of Fresh and Fit alongside dating coach Walter Weekes.

The main motive of this show on ” to provide information about dating for men as well as women”
many people call misogynistic shows because they talk about women harshly and they want women to go back to 19-century lifestyle and regain their traditional value

rise of manosphere podcasts- fresh and fit

Fresh and Fit . Fresh and Fit Myron Gaines and Walter Weeks
Myron Gaines and Walter Weeks (Left to Right) . || Source: Instagram

At the beginning of 2020, manosphere podcasts were rising and became very popular after a few months. The main goal of the Manosphere podcast is ” to advocate men’s right in modern society and demolished feminism” .

Whatever Podcast, Fresh and Fit, and pearls are very popular podcast on the red pill niche.

Fresh and Fit was created by Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes in October 2020.
This podcast reached at very high popularity after 6 months in mid-2020 due to “very unique content on dating and relationships and self-improvement”.

In mid-2020 they changed their content style and started interviewing “OF models, ad*lt female stars”. Due to new insightful content on YouTube, people enjoy and love their content Fresh And Fit popularity boosted, and Today  2024 they almost 5 YouTube channels nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Fresh and fit fall down- demonetised

Fresh and Fit . Fresh and Fit Cancelled
Fresh and Fit Podcast Channel Cancelled . || Source: YouTube

Gaines broke down as he was talking about his fan connections and how all the trouble it took to establish the podcast was worth it to give them advice. He was explaining how he quit his work to dedicate all of his time to the podcast when all of a sudden, he was overcome with emotion and had to move aside.

Insider received confirmation from a YouTube representative that Gaines and Weekes had stopped all additional channels that they may have owned or run from the program for YouTube partners.

Due to their repeated violations of our regulations, including our Advertiser-Friendly Instructions and The Community Guidelines, we have banned the Fresh and Fit channel from the YouTube Partner Program,” the statement read.

According to Gaines, the channel was “kicked off the YouTube partner program,” which enables content creators to monetize their following and gain access to exclusive features. Weekes stated that fans could no longer give through the “super chat” function.

“So basically, we’re going to have to figure out what’s going on because we don’t really know all the details,” Gaines explained. “We’re cooperating with YouTube to try to get to a mutually beneficial agreement and, you know, get together and figure this out.”

They said in the podcast that they were not informed of YouTube’s reasoning for the decision, but they believed that it was related to the topics they discussed.

According to Gaines, the show “Fresh & Fit” discusses “uncomfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics” and topics that are “controversial” and not “politically correct.”

Weekes and Myron Gaines said that while they were going to post on YouTube, they would also be appearing on Rumble.
“If I have to take a pay cut, I will happily to that,” Gaines stated. “Guys, get on onto the Rumble.”
Gaines then requested that their fans support to the podcast’s “expensive” running costs by purchasing a $5 per month subscription to “Fresh & Fit” on Rumble.

Who is Myron Gains- fresh and fit host

Myron Gaines was born into an American family in New Britain, Connecticut, which is in the United States.
Amrou Fudl is the actual name by which he is known.
His Birthday falls on September 22, the sign of Cancer in the zodiac.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Northeastern University, where he studied the criminal justice system including prisons before earning his bachelor’s degree in 2013.

The book “Why Women Deserve Less,” written by Gaines, makes the case that contemporary women are unfairly gaining privileges from feminism at the expense of men.

The podcast frequently has a theme in which Gaines and Weekes objectify and shame a female guest.



Fresh and Fit.  Myron Gaines
Myron Gain. || Source: Instagram


Fresh and Fit . Walter Weeks
Walter Weeks-CEO of Fresh and Fit || Source: Instagram

Fresh and fit social media

Fresh and Fit, a YouTube channel, has expanded its presence across various social media platforms. Here is a summary of their presence:


  1. Fresh & Fit: 1.56 million subscribers (main channel)
  2. Freshandfit Clips: 714k subscribers
  3. Fed Reacts: 176k subscribers
  4. FreshPrinceCeo: 185k subscribers
  5. More Fresh and Fit Clips: 31k subscribers


  • Fresh and Fit: 314k followers


  • Fresh and Fit: 346k followers


  • Fresh and Fit: 1.5 million subscribers


  • Fresh and Fit: 62k followers


  • Fresh and Fit: 4.3-star rating

This shows their significant presence and following across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Rumble, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

YouTube (Main) 1.56 million subscribers
YouTube (Clips) 714k subscribers
YouTube (Fed Reacts)176k subscribers
YouTube (FreshPrinceCeo) 185k subscribers
YouTube (More Clips) 31k subscribers
Rumble 314k followers
Instagram 346k followers
Facebook 1.5 million subscribers
Twitter 62k followers
Spotify 4.3-star rating

Faq about fresh and fit

Why did Fresh & Fit got demonetized?

Answer: Fresh and Fit’s YouTube show featuring alt-right activist Nick Fuentes talking topics interpreted as immoral about the Jewish community resulted in the channel being eliminated on August 18, 2023.

Did Fresh & Fit get monetized?

Answer: On YouTube, the Fresh & Fit podcast has stopped making money. The 1.4 million customers were informed of the news by host Myron Gaines. At one point, he grew upset and moved away from the microphone.

Is Fresh & Fit Podcast cancelled?

Answer: Fresh and Fit Myron Cries & Walks Off After Being Cancelled The “Fresh and Fit” Podcast has been cancelled by YouTube for reasons unknown. In the past, the podcast was deomonetized for their previous controversial content

Is that Fresh & Fit on rumble?

Answer: Yes, fresh and fit are found on rumble.

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