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Fresh and fit stands out one of the best podcast that covers topics on men’s self improvement, including relationship, dating, fitness, fashion and pop culture.

The hosts known as “fresh” and “fit” Shares opinions on various topics related to dating & relationships and personal development. They invite their guests from different areas to Share their experiences and knowledge. different issues.

Country Originated

Number of subscribers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

  • YouTube youtube, logo, web-1349699.jpg
    • Its YouTube channel nearly. 1.55M subscribers
  • Instagram instagram, instagram logo, instagram icon-6970243.jpg
    • 346 K. followers and 548 posts till date (01 February 2024)
  • Twitter fresh and fit
    • On Twitter they have 61.7K followers and 2136 posts till date ((01 February 2024)
  • Facebook facebook, fb, facebook logo-1799690.jpg
    • On Facebook they have 317k followers.

fresh and fit Host

This podcast is hosted by Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes.

About Myron Gaines

Myron’s Nickname is ‘fit’.
He is the co-host of the Fresh & Fit podcast also he is an author who wrote the popular book “why women deserve less”.

  • Real name of Myron Gaines : Amrou Fudl
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Born: He is born in an American family in New Britain, Connecticut, USA. His Date of Birth is 22 September 1987.
  • Place lived: Now he lives in Miami, Florida USA.
  • Profession : Youtuber, Fitness coach, Podcast host.
  • Marital status: Unmarried

About Walter Weekes

Walter’s nickname is ‘Fresh’.
He is the co-host of Fresh & Fit podcast. Walter has a background in fitness. He has good knowledge of health and fitness.

content on fresh and fit Podcast

The Fresh & Fit podcast raises men’s self-improvement, dating, and relationships they also discuss ‘selective dating’. This channel also talks about fitness advice and routines. they promote a healthy lifestyle sometimes they address topics like pop culture and sports and to engage their audience they include humor and entertainment.

“The success of fresh and fit podcast can be attributed to its engaging content and diversified revenue streams, allowing the hosts to continuously produce quality content for their growing audience”


Fresh & Fit podcast videos and Number of views on YouTube

As of 1 Feb 2024, they released nearly 1500 videos on their channel and the total number of views on this Channel is nearly 366 Million.


Popularity The Fresh & Fit podcast gained massive popularity and success since their launch of this channel on YouTube, within a short period of time the channel established” a tremendous number of subscribers a followers across all social media platforms.
with their attractive content and valuable insights, they gained massive popularity on YouTube.

Guests on fresg and fit podcast

The Fresh & Fit podcast has the opportunity to feature a variety of guests on their show. The guests come on this show with different opinions and viewpoints to join the discussion, promoting viewers to explore critical thinking about the topics which is discussed.

Guest list

Some examples of the guests have appeared on the Fresh & Fit podcast

  • Andrew Tate
  • Nick Fuentes
  • Destiny
  • Celebrity fitness trainers.
  • Relationship and dating experts.
  • Business leaders.
fresh and fit
This image is from Fresh and Fit

Fresh & Fit – Demonatised

The Fresh & Fit podcast was demonatised due to their alleged misogynistic comments, hate speeches and also violation of YouTube policies. Discussing these topics on their podcast is subject to demonetization on their channel.

Criticism and controversies

The Fresh & Fit podcast has secured criticism and controversies on its view on women and accused of encouraging misogyny on their podcast. they have come under controversy for inviting guests with their controversial opinions and viewpoints. Including the guests like Andrew Tate, Nick Fuents, and Destiny these guests sparked the discussion and brought the questions on podcast content and viewpoint expressed by the host.
one of the most serious controversies on the Fresh & Fit podcast when this channel is demonetised on YouTube. This action came after the episodes with Nick Fuentes. In which the discussion took a turn that was considered antisemitic. This discussion results in the podcast’s monetization on the platform.

The fresh and fit podcasts controversial viewpoints on women and relationships have sparked widespread debates and generated both support “backlash”.

format and schedule

  • Money Monday
    • On Monday they discuss financial topics.
  • Red Pill Wednesday
    • On Wednesday they discuss dating and relationship
  • Fitness/call-in Friday
    • on Fridays they interact with viewers on phone calls and chats.
This Video Streamed 3 days ago on Fresh & Fit YouTube Channel.

Fresh & Fit income

  • YouTube Income
    • Fresh & Fit is an American YouTube channel with nearly 1.55M subscribers.
  • The net worth of the Fresh and Fit channel
    • estimated $ 2.2M.
    • Daily $3983
    • weekly $27900
    • monthly $121000
    • Yearly $1453600

Myron Gaines’s net worth

the net worth of Myron Gaines the co-host of the Fresh and Fit podcast is estimated between $1.5M to 2 Million. Myron Gaines makes his net worth through different streams, which include. brand partnership, social media promotions, and the Fresh & Fit YouTube channel.


The Fresh and Fit podcast, Hosted by Myron Goins and Walter Weeks, has acquired massive popularity by furnishing men with personal development, dating, and relationship content.

Regardless of criticism for its controversial methodology, the podcast keeps on flourishing with a wide variety of visitors and discussions.
With a significant online presence including 1.55 million YouTube subscribers and a huge social media following.

Fresh and Fit keeps on being a powerful platform for those keen on discussing fitness, relationships, and money.

Frequently asked question

  1. What topic does the Fresh and Fit podcast cover?
    • Answer: The Fresh & Fit podcast covers topics such as fitness, dating, and finance.
  2. Can viewers participate in the podcast?
    • Answer: Yes; on the Fresh & Fit podcast viewers can participate through live calls.
  3. Who started Fresh and Fit podcast?
    • Answer: Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes started the Fresh & Fit podcast.
  4. What is the duration of each episode?
    • Answer: The duration of every episode varies, they range between one to two hours.
  5. Why does the Fresh & Fit podcast face criticism?
    • Answer: The Fresh & Fit podcast faced criticism for their opinions on women and relationships. They also faced controversy due to their guests’ controversial views.
  6. Where i can listen to the Fresh & Fit Podcast?
    • Answer: The Fresh & Fit podcast is available on different platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Rumble

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