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“XENA Fresh and Fit ” a guest on podcast openly acknowledges that she’s made some regrettable choices in the past.

Now, she’s committed to turning her life around, driven by the desire to earn her mother’s pride—and she’s extending the same encouragement to other women out there.
You are a very familiar name on social media, trending as Xena the Witch. Today’s blog post covers the whole journey of Xena from the beginning to the present.

Xena The Witch Fresh and Fit
Xena – The Witch / X

Lets start amzaing blog post about Xena the Witch.

who is xena-the witch

Xena was born in Florida, USA. She became a very popular name on social media, where she was often referred to as “Xena the Witch.”

Her actual name is Amaris Sampson. She was born in 1995 in West Palm Beach, Florida.
She is currently 29 years old. She was working on the most popular podcast named Fresh and Fit.”

Xena the witcg Fresh and Fit Podcast standing
Xena the Witch / Instagram
First NameAmaris
Last Name SampsonSampson
NicknameXena the Witch
Birthplace Florida, USA
Date of Birth1995
Birthplace West Palm Beach, Florida
Age 29 years old29 years old
PodcastFresh and Fit
Height 4 feet 11 inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Weight 115 lbs (as of 2023)

xena fresh and fit

The Fresh and Fit podcast is widely recognized as the leading men’s podcast worldwide, hosted by Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes.
With 1.37 million followers on YouTube, the show regularly features discussions with various women, including many who are models on OnlyFans, covering topics like dating and relationships.
Recently, a guest named Xena made a heartfelt announcement on the show, expressing her decision to stop selling her body on OnlyFans.

“I know I might have disappointed some of you,” Xena said, her voice wavering with emotion. “But I want to thank Myron for helping me turn things around.
I’m on a better path now, one that will make my mom proud. I’ve left the club, and I’m deleting my OnlyFans account… It’s made me a stronger woman, and I hope other women can learn from my experience.
It’s not about hating men or anything like that.”

She passionately urged the women listening not just to passively hear her words, but to truly internalize them, because understanding the value of their bodies and sexuality is crucial. Xena emphasized that OnlyFans ultimately leads to a dead end, devoid of fulfillment.
She shared the clip along with a poignant message in her caption.

“Every night, I confront this harsh reality. And I sincerely hope you young women can heed this message and spare yourselves this future because it’s NOT a bright one,” she wrote. “It’s dark and cold as hell. DO NOT repeat these same mistakes just because Feminism promised you liberation .”

The comments largely echoed positivity, expressing hope that Xena’s words would resonate with the countless other women engaged in online body-selling.
Regardless of the allure of potential earnings on OnlyFans or the flattery from men, Xena stressed that one’s dignity and sexuality are invaluable.

xena social media handle

During an episode of Fresh and Fit, a guest appeared on the podcast whose identity is kept confidential due to certain reasons.
She, a Jewish woman, got into a heated argument with Myron, one of the hosts, using offensive language.

As tensions rose, she even attempted to physically confront Myron. Consequently, Myron decided to remove her from the show. However, a behind-the-scenes video of their altercation went viral, showcasing a verbal confrontation between Xena the Witch and the aforementioned guest.

This incident propelled Xena to unexpected fame, particularly on TikTok, where she gained a substantial following.
Xena now engages with her fans across multiple social media platforms, discussing various topics.
Currently, she boasts around 100k followers on Instagram under the username “@xenathewitcher”.

Xena’s social media details

Instagram 2100k@xenathemajo
DiscordChannel Invite

xena and snico controversy

In the previous year, Snico and Xena were dating, and they weren’t exactly keeping it a secret; they were often seen together in public.
However, recently, Snico and Xena broke up. They haven’t openly stated the reason for their split,
but according to some discussions on Reddit and considering Snico’s mindset, we might have stumbled upon a clue.

It seems Snico has a preference for not dating women associated with the adult industry or those with OnlyFans accounts.
Reddit chatter suggests that Xena was previously involved in adult content and had an OnlyFans account, which Snico discovered.
While this may have been fully authorized on Xena’s part, Reddit discussions imply that this was the root cause of their breakup.

In a recent interview, Xena expressed her frustration, saying, “If I find out Snico in the same street, I bro*e his head by brick”.
However, it’s worth noting that the show’s host swiftly responded, emphasizing that they do not condone violence.

Xena The witch Fresh and Fit Podcast
Xena The Witch/ Instagram

FAQ about xena the wtich

Question : Who is Xena the Witch from Fresh and Fit?

Xena is 29 year old OnlyFans Model born in 1995 currently live in Florida USA.

Question: Where is Xena the Witcher from?

Xena was born in Florida, United State of Aemrica in 1995.

Question : What is actual name of XENA fresh and fit?

Xena The witch is social media name but her actual name is Amaris Sampson.

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