Thea Booysen Steals Mr. Beast’s Heart! 5 Surprising Facts About His New Girlfriend

Mr. Beast and Thea Booysen Sitting on the couche with a smile

Online reports claim that Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast, the most popular YouTuber globally, is said to be dating Thea Booysen.
Booysen is a well-known author of “The Marked Children,” an esports commentator, and a content producer. They are said to have started dating in February 2022.

During a “Wide Awake” podcast broadcast in October of that year, Booysen revealed their relationship.
Although the couple hasn’t shared many details about their relationship, they have openly praised one another on social media.
Unlike his previous relationship, Mr. Beast appears to be content in his current one with Thea Booysen.

He shared a lovely photo of them while on holiday in the Maldives on his Instagram story to reveal their romance.
Fans were excitedly awaiting confirmation of the couple’s romance after seeing cute photos of them together while on holiday in the Maldives.
Mr. Beast has officially ended all rumors and conjecture over his romantic situation with this announcement.

Who is Thea Booysen

Thea Booysen, a South African-American YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster, is well-known for broadcasting a variety of video games, including League of Legends, Witcher 3, and card games like Gwent, under the username Thea Beasty. She is recognized as Mr. Beast’s second and current girlfriend; the two have been dating since the latter part of 2022. As of September 16, 2023, $1 Vs $100,000,000 Car is her only debut appearance.

She has two YouTube channels:
More Than Human – for psychological facts
Thea Beasty – for games.

She holds degrees in psychology and law.
In The Marked Youngsters, a book she created, a sixteen-year-old called John finds a menacing black sign on his arm and soon learns that thousands of other youngsters have woken up with identical marks and have vanished shortly after.

Maddy Spidell is a well-known figure on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram, where she has a sizable fan base. She is also a gifted dancer and has been showing off her dancing powers on social media for years.

Maddy and Mr. Beast (James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson), whose true name is Jimmy Donaldson, got together on Twitter in 2019 and started dating. Before announcing their split in early 2022, they had been together for about three years. Many of their followers expressed regret at the end of their romance when they broke the news of their split, creating a commotion online.

Maddy Spidell with red lipstick and a red dress leans against a white wall.

Jimmy and Maddy have maintained good communication and have spoken well of their previous relationship despite it ending.
They both still keep up their personal social media pages and provide their followers with updates on their lives.

The ex-girlfriend of Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as Mr. Beast, Maddy Spidell, is no longer with him. A few months ago, word spread widely on the internet that their one-year romance was dissolving.
It is also mentioned in the statement that Mr. Beast and Maddy dated for three years before their breakup.

She made her film debut in the Valentine’s Day film Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses.
She also had two cameos in the films : please visit on my website on whatever podcast for trending update.

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    James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson A.K.A Mr. Beast is 25 years old.

  2. IS THAT MR BEAST Married?

    Mr. Beast isn’t married yet.

  3. What is the Net worth of Mr. beast ?

    Mr. Beast average Monthly Income is $4.5 million per month from YouTube.

  4. MR Beast New Girlfriend Name?

    Thea Booysen is now new Girlfriend of MR Beast

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