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Rabel Nala

Rabel with a white cat costume posing with her tongue out. Whatever Podcast Guest
Rebel Nala. || Source: Twitter

Rebel Nala, also known as AO Queen, is a 25-year-old woman residing in the Tarana area of California, United States. This is a popular Female Guest on “Whatever Podcast” that’s why she is top on the list.
She is a popular figure, especially after appearing on whatever podcast by name “Red Hair Cat Girl” .

Fluent in Japanese, she is deeply involved in martial arts and boxing, showcasing her skills as a content creator and OnlyFans model.

Social Media Handle

  • 25.5k followers on Instagram : @rebelnala_
  • Impressive 595k followers on Twitter : @fitnessnala
  • 8431 followers on Kick : rebelnala
  • As an OnlyFans content creator, she offers a subscription at $8.99 per month.


Pixie in a white shirt holding a purse. Whatever Podcast Guest.

Pixie. || Source: Instagram

Pxie, a 23-year-old from Puerto Rico, has risen to popularity after appearing on various podcasts. As a child, her parents affectionately called her “Normie.”

Recently graduating from college in Florida, she is bilingual and actively engages in political discussions on streaming platforms like Fresh and Fit. With 3,187 followers on Instagram under the username “pxie love” and 9,180 followers on Twitter as “pxielovee,” she maintains a significant online presence. On Twitch, where she goes by the username “pxie,” she commands a following of around 10,000, focusing on political discourse through live chats.
Her name is Kiko Lane, and she is a transgender woman. She gained viral fame after a clip of “Chase vs Kiko” circulated on social media. At 23 years old, she works as a bartender.

Social Media Handle

  • 3,187 followers on Instagram : @pixielove
  • 9,180 followers on Twitter : @pxielove
  • On Twitch, where she goes by the username “pxie”

Kiko Lane

Kiko Lane with tattoos and a black top takes a selfie in front of a mirror. Whatever Podcast Guest

Kiko Lane. || Source: Twitter

Her name is Kiko Lane, and she is a transgender woman. She gained viral fame after a clip of “Chase vs Kiko” circulated on social media.
At 23 years old, she works as a bartender. Currently, she is not active on social media. Her Instagram account, with the username “keeko,” has 7.4k followers. Additionally, she can be found on YouTube as @KeekoLane and on Twitch as @KeekoLane.

Social Media Handle

Currently, she is not so active on social media.

  • 9,180 followers on Twitter : @keekolane
  • TikTok : keekolane
  • Additionally, she can be found on YouTube as @KeekoLane and on Twitch as @KeekoLane.

Layla Jenner

Layla Jenner with his tounge out. Whatever Podcast Guest

Layla Jenner. || Source: Instagram

Her name is Layla Jenner; she is 20 years old and currently lives in the United States.
She used to do pornography but has since quit, and currently, she creates content on OnlyFans.

Her Instagram account, boasts an astonishing 74.1k followers. Unfortunately, her Twitter account, @laylajennerback, is suspended due to some issues. Layla is currently active on OnlyFans, where her subscription charges are $5 per month.

She provides her email address, gabriellaradle04@gmail.com, on her social media accounts for fans interested in contacting her.
Layla gained popularity on social media after appearing on the “Whatever Podcast” to discuss Brian Atlas. This clip went viral on TikTok in the USA.

Social Media Handle

Molly Little

Molly Little taking Selfie. Whatever Podcast Guest

Molly Little. || Source: Instagram

Molly Little is an American porn star currently residing in Santa Barbara, United States. She is 20 years old.

Recently, she has experienced significant growth in popularity and followers due to her engaging in debates with redpill content creators. On social media, she has a massive following with almost 42k followers on her Instagram account and another account boasting almost 210k followers.
Additionally, she has amassed 240k followers on Twitter.
Currently, she operates as an OnlyFans model on onlyfans.com, where subscription charges are $8.99, with limited offers available for 29 days at a price of $3.15 per month.

Social Media Handle


Anahy Standing in White Dress. Whatever Podcast Guest

Anahy. || Source: Instagram

Her name is Anahy, and she is popularly known by her nickname “Bang Girl” .
She is currently 21 years old and a student living in California, United States.

Additionally, she is a model on OnlyFans. Her popularity surged after a clip from a podcast went viral on social media. One of her TikTok videos titled “Stop Simping” garnered 2.1 million views within a month. On Instagram, she has 8.8k followers under the handle.
Anahy charges $20 per month for subscriptions on her OnlyFans account.

Social Media Handle

Melina Goransson

Melina Goransson taking selfie wearing a sweater and her necklace out. Whatever Podcast Guest

Melina Goransson. || Source : Instagram

Melina Goransson, a 25-year-old Swedish internet personality, has gone viral after alleged screenshots of her messages began circulating on social media.
Melina, who is known for her candidness about her open relationship with her husband Steven since 2021, is one of the most popular OnlyFans model.

She boasts 315k followers on Instagram, 8.5k followers on Kick platform, and an impressive 904k followers on Twitch (@melina).
On OnlyFans.com, she charges a $10 monthly subscription for exclusive content.
Additionally, Melina is a content creator on YouTube, where she has 87k subscribers under the handle @melina.goransson.

Screenshot of Alleged Message of Mellina Gransson. Whatever Podcast Guest

Screenshot of Alleged Message Source: Discord

Social Media Handle


Her name is Natasha. She is a 20-year-old student and also a TikTok content creator currently living in the United States.
Natasha, known as Tasha on TikTok, has amassed 301.5K likes and 12.7K followers.

She gained popularity on TikTok with her videos and later appeared on the Redpill Podcast “Whatever Dating Talk,” where she gained even more popularity. On her Instagram account, she has about 12k followers.

Social Media Handle

Madysen Vue

Beautiful Madysen Vue in red Dress. Whatever Podcast Guest

Madysen Vue. || Source: Instagram

Madysen Vue, known as “Helmet Girl” from Whatever Podcast, is a college student studying business and accounting.
She works part-time as a bar hostess and also as a talent coordinator and production assistant for the Whatever podcast.

Madysen Vue with long brown hair wearing her German pickelhaube hat is standing next to Whatever Podcast doll with blue hair. Madysen Vue Whatever Podcast Hat Girl Whatever Podcast Guest

Madysen Vue Hat Girl Source : Instagram

Born in the United States, Madisen is 19 years old, lost her mother when she was young.
Speculation that her father is Dan “Nitro” Clark is incorrect. In a controversial podcast episode, she claimed the “body count” was 8 and received criticism.

She is currently in a relationship with businessman Frankie Dutra. Active on Instagram, Madysen shares a happy and loving relationship with Frankie, contrary to false speculation that Dan “Nitro” Clark is her father.

Social Media Handle

Ali C. Lopez

Ali C. Lopez taking her selfie on her bed. Whatever Podcast Guest

Ali C. Lopez. || Source: Instagram

Ali C Lopez, also known as “Fat Girl”, gained fame after appearing on the (Whatever Podcast guest) where she discussed feminism and dating.
She Social Media Personality and belongs from Arizona, US.

The 24 years Lopez, who identifies herself as a trans woman, bravely stands against prejudice and promotes body positivity.
With a large following on TikTok and Instagram, López uses her platform to spread messages of acceptance and individuality.

Social Media Handle


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